I was raised in the Southwest for most of my life before coming to Champaign-Urbana, IL at the beginning of 2013 to join my wife who is a graduate student at the University of Illinois. Later that summer, I joined a co-working space in downtown Urbana called [co][lab] to get established as a social media consultant.

At [co][lab], I met some awesome people, two of which became my business partners in a creative agency we started together in the spring of 2014 called +Adjacency. Through +Adjacency, I have been able to join forces with amazing friends and creative minds who have helped to harness my creative passions and social media interests while also increasing our collective capacity to serve the local community. At the heart of this new endeavor is finding ways to better connect people with one another while seeking to conceptualize and implement new ideas. It's just the start of a new venture, but I'm glad to have partners and friends to figure things out with. 

On a personal note, I'm super grateful to my wife and family who have believed in me and supported me through the process of figuring out what it means for me to be an entrepreneur and digital artisan. Their love and encouragement is what has allowed me to believe in myself and to take risks to find and pursue the things that make me come alive.  

Photography courtesy of Catedralography.