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Howard Thurman

5 Reflections on the Haus and Home Pop-Up

5 Reflections on the Haus and Home Pop-Up

Since Black Friday, the Haus and Home Holiday Pop-Up (a collaboration between Norden Design Studio and Dear Home Vintage) has taken over the front of [co][lab] in Downtown Urbana. Having rolled through the pop-up almost every day on the way to my desk, I've had ample time to observe how the pop-up has unfolded over the past few weeks. Here are my reflections!

1. Gluhwein & Stollen are the best

Seriously, until this past holiday season I had no idea of the deliciousness that is mulled-wine and German holiday bread! This stuff was so legit. I love that Anna Gutsch and Johann Rischau of Norden shared this German holiday tradition with us!

2. Cherry Pit Pads are the perfect remedy for frigid office days
On a couple of occasions, the heat stopped working in our co-working space.  On those frigid days, these Cherry Pit heating pads came to the rescue to warm us up - not to mention smell amazing! It also helps to have an awesome coffee shop next door as well!  Warm beverages and heating pads for the win!

3. Christina Wondra is pure vintage genius
Just wow, Christina Wondra is a vintage curating genius - 'nuff said.  But really, I was impressed to see the amazing combinations of items and displays that were changing every week.  Christina has an amazing design sense and has done an incredible job curating a rich collection of vintage items that are a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication.
4. Rosie is a rockstar (and so are Johann and Anna)!
If you haven't met Johann and Anna's adorable beagle Rosie, you really need to asap! She will win your heart and make you smile inside and out.  Johann and Anna aren't so bad themselves.  I love their thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Each of their products has a special story and unique craftsmanship that speaks to their commitment to excellence and desire to make people smile!
5. It's the simple things that count
This is my biggest take away from watching the Haus and Home Pop-Up evolve over the past three weeks. The simple ideas  make the biggest difference. Whether it was creating a pop-up in an unused section of a co-working space, sharing cultural traditions and treats during the holiday season, or encouraging friends and family to send hand-written notes to their loved ones, I  have been really impressed by how simple ideas can bring a smile to someone's face and allow people to better appreciate and enjoy the holiday season.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Haus and Home Pop-Up, go now! The store is open until 7pm on December 22nd at the front of [co][lab] in Downtown Urbana (206 W. Main St. Urbana)! Judging by the great response to this event and to the idea of pop-ups, something tells me we will be seeing this pop-up again next holiday season!

Happy Holidays!