“There must be always remaining in every life, some place for the singing of angels, some place for that which in itself is breathless and beautiful.”
Howard Thurman

Who to meet at the colab open house

Who to meet at the colab open house


[co][lab] open house sneak peek

The [co][lab open house is tonight (10/11) at 6pm. Here are the current members you should be sure to meet.

Anna Gutsch & Johann Rischau of Norden

As the only German Design Studio in the Midwest, Norden is providing a range of design services to individuals and businesses who are looking for simple yet refined designed products, spaces and experiences. Their goal is to be a local resource for meaningful design that strives to last a lifetime.

Christopher Carl & Meredith Foster of Urbana Land Arts

Known from their shopping cart installation during the Boneyard Arts Festival and many others, Urbana Land Arts is an arts collective that integrates cultural and environmental stewardship and public art by creating works that activate and respond to marginal and underutilized sites both in the city and surrounding territory.

Andrew Janssen of Hands On

Since more and more retail purchases are made online, existing businesses are looking to create online stores and improve their current purchase experiences to keep sales up. Developing online shopping experiences which satisfy customers and businesses is the goal of Andrew Janssen from Hands On.

Matt Cho of Cake Design/Development

The master architect of [co][lab]. With an architecture and urban design background, Matt's passions are realized in real estate design & development upstart through which he  has implemented Downtown Urbana projects like [co][lab] and Cafeteria & Company.

Grace Kenney of Friends of the Boneyard

Friends of the Boneyard is a community organization made up of local residents and businesses that want to raise awareness of the improvements surrounding the Boneyard Creek. Their goal is to be a collective voice for the development of active public spaces associated with the different phases identified in the Boneyard Creek Master Plan.

Kate Fritz of Lady Kate Productions

Lady Kate Productions provides professional services for projects at the intersection of the arts and activism. Our goal is to enhance the role art and artists have in influencing society, especially in the areas of environment, peace, and diplomacy. 

Tyler Kobick of Design Draw Build

Specializing in custom fabrication and design of architecturally unique elements and structures, Design, Draw, Build focuses their practice toward gesturally-unique, modern, hand-made forms of architecture. They are dedicated to empowering their clients by enabling sweat-equity and minimizing standard commercial construction costs.

Catedral Consulting (aka Me)

With many businesses looking towards social media for ways to reach new customer groups, Catedral Consulting is providing services to help businesses identify and implement social media strategies. The aim is to serve our local community by helping organizations and small businesses use social media to share their unique story and highlight what makes each brand remarkable.


*Descriptions via Anna Gutsch of Norden or from businesses website

[co][lab] open house + ribbon cutting recap

[co][lab] open house + ribbon cutting recap

#SMLiveECI Webcast #24 Recap: Betty Brennan (Taylor Studios, Inc.)

#SMLiveECI Webcast #24 Recap: Betty Brennan (Taylor Studios, Inc.)